Introduction on Water Be filtration system

Our Technology

Water Be is a Korean OEM technology that we bring to Malaysia consumer market that search for clean and safe drinking water solution at optimal price.

Halal Certified

Halal Certified

Our desktop unit comes in multiple step filtration filter system that is Halal Certified by Korea Halal Agency

Cold & Hot Option

Cold & Hot Option

Comes with 3 temperature setting, Water Be brings convenient for your busy daily lifestyle without having to spend so much on recurrence billing

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

We bring water purifier system and continuous servicing to your home for healthier and happy family.

Be Pure

Relax and take in the smell of freshly ground coffee as you rise in the morning.

Access to clean water is very crucial nowadays and having very limited options in the market that is truly inspired and match your financial needs is also very limited. Seeing this opportunity and to overcome this solution, Water Be brought Korean innovative OEM products to your doorstep where it has been used and trusted by many.

Full of Convenience

Perfectly designed and easy to be installed and maintained, Water Be filtration system is so unique and can be customized to your preferences. Be it a safe and tasty mineral water or a taste of pure and fresh RO produce, we got you covered.

Get FREE installation service when you buy online!

Continuous Support

We focus on maintaining our products at it best conditions at all time and be that worry on our end. Our technical team is here to assist you on your scheduled maintenance service for filter cartridge change. Did we forgot to mention that we sell it at one off pricing?

Our desktop filtration unit is sold at only RM1399 and each filter cartridge can easily be change and made available in a combination of 3+1 for just RM250 every 6 months. That's a lot of saving!

Stay connected & informed

Customers purchases and maintenance scheduled is well maintained in our headquarters by our dedicated technical team and experts. We will give sufficient reminder to alert you whenever the time for service is to come. You can also request for technical visit appointment from our sales team or via our website easily should you have limited availability and time constraint.
  • Bi-Monthly Cartridge Change Reminder e-Mail
  • Professional Technical Service Team
  • Friendly Sales Associates
  • Exceptional pricing!

We are ready when you are ready

To have better understanding on our product, please continue reading the followeing technical specification details and FAQs in the section provided below.


4.15 Litres Water Tank

3 Steps filtration system

Low energy consumption

220-240V~ 50/60Hz

Easy Installation

What’s in every system?

Sediment Filter

Pre-Carbon Filter

Post-Carbon Filter

Optional Alkaline Bio/RO Filter

Get 10% off on your first service

Limited time offer for customer who made purchases before November 2018 will entitled free first 6th. month service replacement worth RM250!